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Your own custom charm necklace, stainless steel

Your own custom charm necklace, stainless steel

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The most unique charm necklace

Imagine wearing the perfect necklace, adorned with charms you have chosen according to their special meaning for you! Or making the most meaningful gift for a loved one! This is exactly what this necklace offers to you: a unique piece crafted as you wish!
From pagan symbols to Zodiac signs, from occult sigils to spiritual elements, this piece of jewelry is perfect for rocking the stylish charm necklace and making it purposeful. 

With its handmade chain, this necklace can be attached at any spot, making it a versatile piece of jewelry: choker, necklace, or even double-strand bracelet, it offers so many possibilities.

This necklace is entirely crafted from stainless steel. Stainless steel is a highly resilient and long-lasting material, resistant to tarnishing, rust, and corrosion: a perfect material for this choker necklace designed to withstand the test of time. This metal is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

How to proceed?

  • Select the number of charms you want on your necklace,
  • Indicate the codes of the charms in the "order special instructions" box in the cart (it's even better if you indicate them in the order you want them),
  • Any preference about the space between the charms? Let me know in the box, or send me an email,
  • I might need extra information to make it perfect. The faster I get them, the quicker the necklace will be on its way to you, so make sure to check your messages just in case

This choker is made using 8mm and 4mm stainless steel rings. This necklace measures 42 cm (16.53 in). 
If you want another length, feel free to contact me before passing your order for a custom measure. 
You can attach the clasp at any place you want.

Care instructions:
You can clean your jewelry with soapy water and dry it with a soft fabric or microfiber. You can polish it with a polishing cloth for extra shine. 

Example of charms available:
Sigil of Lilith, Sei He Ki reiki symbol, Zodiac signs, Moon crescents, athame dagger, third eye, Sun, stars, Animals, heart, sickle, the eye of Horus, Ankh, triquetra, tree of life, angel wing, etc.

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings.

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