How to choose your pendulum?

How to choose your pendulum?

So many shapes, sizes, gemstones! Sometimes it can be hard to choose your perfect pendulum, especially if it's your first one. We'll see how to choose, and how the shapes and materials can affect your practice.

If you are looking for your first pendulum, no need to overthink it. Follow your tastes and your intuition. Your first pendulum should be pleasing to your eyes, you should feel the desire to use it. So if one pendulum really pops into your eyes, it is the one! If you are still hesitant or experimented and looking to complete your collection with something new and different, let's study in detail these pendulums!

The hexagonal pendulum

Onyx and obsidian gemstone pendulum

Most gemstone pendulums are hexagonal, meaning they have six cut sides. By their shapes, they carry the symbols of the hexagonal shape: harmony, and natural order (like in a beehive for example). Massive or pointy, hexagonal pendulums are polyvalent, classic, and can be used for all practices. Small enough to find a place in your pocket, the tiny ones will be ideal if you want to carry your divination tool everywhere with you.

quartz triskelion dowsing pendulum

The biggest would be more stable because of their weight.

labradorite divinatory pendulum

They will be perfect if you want a gemstone pendulum matching the energy you are going for (for example, rose quartz for love, lapis lazuli for intuition, etc.). Because they are made of gemstones, they may need to be cleaned occasionally. Gemstones are delicate so avoid any shock that could break them, so make sure to protect them when you are carrying them.

The teardrop pendulum

Luzi teardrop dowsing pendulum for divination

Looking like an inverted teardrop, this kind of pendulum will be excellent for both beginners and experimented users. The bob is heavy, perfect if you love to feel some weight. The sharp point makes it easy to read the answers. The teardrop "Luzi" pendulum is small, heavy, and precise, it will find easily its place in your bag or your pocket to accompany you on your adventures. Teardrop pendulums can be used for every kind of practice.

The Sephoroton pendulum

Sephoroton rose quartz dowsing pendulum

If you can't choose between a gemstone or a metal pendulum, the Sephoroton has the best of both worlds! The gemstone sphere will be perfect to feel the connection with your dowsing tool, and the point will allow you to read easily the answers. Reliable and effective, it can please users of all levels of experience.

The Thot pendulum

Rose quartz dowsing Thot pendulum

Famous because of its specific shape, it's great for both emission and reception. Thot's pendulums are reproductions of Ouadj amulets, like the one discovered in a sarcophagus in the valley of the kings in Egypt. We can't be sure Egyptians used it as a divination and dowsing tool, but the precision and efficiency of the Thot pendulum make it perfect for all practices. The specific shape should not retain energy, but because it is made of gemstone, I would recommend cleaning it periodically.

The Isis pendulum

Isis dowsing pendulum for fortune telling

heavy and powerful, the Isis pendulum can please even the most exigent practitioners. Amazing tool for reception and emission, it's one of the best for all kinds of remote works. it has the specificity to not retains energy, meaning that you'll don't have to clean it often.

The Osiris pendulum

Osiris dowsing pendulum

With its four half-spheres, the Osiris pendulum is heavy enough to be used even in the middle of a windy mountain! Great for all practice, it's one of the best for energy work, especially remote healing.

The wood pendulum

wood dowsing pendulum with a pentacle charm

Made of obviously wood, this pendulum provides a new dowsing feeling. Extra light, it's also so effective. Often used for geobiology, it will be your companion for all practices. And like the Isis, it requires little cleaning as the wood doesn't retain energy a lot.

So, which one will become your divination companion? If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section!

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