About the shop

Welcome to Baguette Magick


Hi! I'm Julie, the sole artisan and creator behind every piece you'll find here. It's not just a shop: it's a manifestation of my deepest passions and spiritual journey, which both began when I was a child, creating jewelry and reading grimoires. 


Crafting Magic in Every Piece

I craft handmade jewelry and dowsing pendulums, each one carefully imbued with the essence of my eclectic witchcraft practice. My inspiration comes from a diverse range of traditions, including Wicca, Celtic paganism, Seidr, Ceremonial magick, Chaos magick, and so much more. Drawing from my experience in Tarot, scrying, Reiki, and elder Futhark runes, as well as my passion for lithotherapy, I infuse my creations with the energy of the mystical and the occult.


Unique, Aligned, and Soulful

At Baguette Magick, my goal is to provide you with more than just jewelry and divination tools; I want to offer you pieces that resonate with your unique style and soul. Each creation is born from a deep connection to the mystical and is designed to reflect the essence of your spiritual journey.


A Touch of Medieval Fantasy and Gothic 

My work is also influenced by medieval fantasy and the captivating allure of the gothic universe. This blend of elements adds a touch of mystery and enchantment to every piece. Whether you're looking for an elegant necklace adorned with Celtic symbols, or a pendulum that whispers secrets from the depths of the unseen, you'll find it here.


Magical pieces for everyday 

You deserve to feel magical: whether you are frolicking in the woods, or running a business meeting. Many focus on the first, and not so much on the second. That's why I craft with passion discreet but powerful gemstone necklaces and secret pendulum jewelry, to perfectly suit your lifestyle.


Mastering Multiple Techniques

A strong passion for crafting could hardly be limited to one field: I am fond of weaving chainmail, sewing, painting, and sculpting polymer clay. I incorporate all these techniques into my jewelry, divination tools, accessories, and home decor. The result? Unique, finely crafted pieces that not only look exquisite but are also built to last, just like the magic they hold.


Making the world humane, with each and every action

I genuinely believe that small actions can create huge changes. What is more important than taking care of our planet, and of the beings sharing it with us? As you are reading this, maybe we do share these values. For me, it's expressed through each choice I make for my shop, from creating more and more with stainless steel (durable and infinitely recyclable), choosing silk paper produced in France from European forests, prioritizing natural fibers for future projects... For you, it is expressed by your choice to shop small, which has such a deep impact on making the world a better place. I deeply thank you for that!


Thank you for visiting Baguette Magick, where every piece is a work of love and an expression of my dedication to the mystical arts. I'm honored to share my creations with you, and I hope you find something that resonates deeply with your magical, unique journey.

Feel free to explore my shop, and if you have any questions or special requests, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's explore the magic within.