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Triple moon Triquetra necklace made of stainless steel and gemstone

Triple moon Triquetra necklace made of stainless steel and gemstone

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The most important pagan symbols at your neck

Combining the triple Moon and Triquetra symbols, this necklace is made to become the favorite of a witch! With stainless steel, this piece of jewelry is hypoallergenic, never tarnishes, and is highly resistant. You can choose between four versions of this moon and triquetra necklace to match your style and vibe: quartz, onyx, amethyst, or labradorite.

Short and comfortable, it will look awesome worn by itself or paired with other necklaces for a layering effect. With the extender chain, adjust it perfectly for you! The extender chain ends with a cute tiny star charm.

I placed a gemstone bead between two crescent moons to represent the triple moon symbol, representing the three aspects of the Goddess. Used in Wicca, and many other witch paths, it is a powerful symbol to reflect on all aspects of feminine energy (maiden, mother, crone) and see how these energies express themselves inside and outside us, no matter where we are in life.
I combined it with the triquetra, a Celtic knot representing the same values as the triple moon, but also representing all trinity aspects in life in general (past, present, and future, birth, death and rebirth, etc.).

The necklace length is 37 to 42 cm (14.56 to 16.53 in), adjustable with the extender chain. If you need another length, contact me before passing your order for me to create the perfect one for you.


Quartz properties:
Quartz is a must-have gemstone, stimulating all your chakras. You can use quartz to encourage positive feelings. Great to open communications, it’s also one of the perfect gemstones for manifestation. Clear quartz can be programmed to achieve any goal and associated with any gemstone of your choice.

Labradorite properties:
Labradorite is a protective gemstone, acting as a shield. Labradorite can be worn every day and increase intuition. It's a great gemstone if you want to reach higher levels of consciousness, stimulate visions, and practice divination. Labradorite is linked to the third eye chakra, the element of Water, and the Zodiac signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Amethyst properties:
Amethyst is the perfect crystal to improve your divination skills and connect with your intuition. You can use this crystal for dream work. Amethyst is linked to the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces, the Crown chakra, and the element of Air. 

Onyx properties:
Onyx is amazing for grounding. Used as a shield, it's a useful gemstone for spiritual practices. The onyx crystal is awesome for many psychic works like past lives readings. Onyx is linked to the element of earth, the root chakra, and the Leo and Capricorn zodiac signs.

Care instructions:
Stainless steel doesn't tarnish but still, being gentle with it will preserve its beauty: avoid direct salt and chlorite as both are harsh and could alter the strongest materials, and damage the gemstones. For this reason, remove your jewelry before swimming. You can clean your jewelry with soapy water and dry it with a soft fabric or microfiber, avoiding as possible the gems. You can polish it with a polishing cloth for extra shine.
You can cleanse your gemstone energetically with fumigation (incense, palo santo, etc.) for one minute, indirect salt (put salt on a bowl and place your creation on top of it on a small saucer) for a few hours, sound (by using a prayer bowl in close proximity), or your own energy, using reiki for example. Quartz geodes and selenite bowls also work wonders to cleanse your gemstones

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that this is a handmade necklace: the item you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).

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