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Tree of life pendant necklace, Green Jade beads and stainless steel

Tree of life pendant necklace, Green Jade beads and stainless steel

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The jade and the tree of life for harmonious jewelry

Delicate and elegant, this gemstone necklace will look fantastic on your neck! The tree of life pendant is at the center of green jade beads. Made of hypoalergenic stainless steel, this necklace will become your everyday absolute favorite for years to come. The extender chain is delicately finished with a little star.


The length of the necklace is 52 to 58 cm (20.47 to 22.83 in) and you can adjust it as you like with the extender chain. If you need another size, I'll be happy to adapt the necklace to your neck.

The tree of life pendant is 2.5 cm tall and wide (0.98 in).

The Jade properties:

This exquisite gemstone is a symbol of tranquility and serenity. Often used to work on self-love and to nurture ourselves, the Jade is wonderful to bring harmony. The jade is a great crystal for wearers looking for their path in life, and wanting to discover how they want to live and become truly themselves. The Jade gemstone is linked to the Heart chakra, the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini and Virgo, and the element of Earth. 

The tree of life symbol:

The tree of life is an important symbol we can find in different cultures.

This large tree, deeply rooting to the ground, expanding its branches to the higher sky, shows us how each thing is connected in life. At the beginning of all things, this tree was small. And seeing it now, strong and stable, it refers to vitality and longevity. Taking place between the deep soil and the sky, it teaches us our place in nature. The tree of life also suggests the idea of family, and generations. Several cultures emphasized different aspects of the tree of life: 

For the Celts, the tree represented balance and harmony. It could also represent different worlds connected (the roots for the world below, the trunk for the human world, the branches for the world above). Losing its leaves during winter, then growing again in spring, the tree is a symbol for rebirth.

Present in Buddhism as the Bhodi-tree, it is the tree under which Buddha had his spiritual awakening and reach total enlightenment. 

In Norse culture, the tree is the Yggdrasil, the sacred tree holding the nine worlds in place. The whole world depends on the Yggdrasil, on which Odin hanged himself for nine days, to gain knowledge of the universe.

Perceived as the cosmic world tree in Hinduism, as the tree of knowledge in Christianity, it's present in even more cultures. 

Care instructions:

Stainless steel doesn't tarnish but still, being gentle with it will preserve its beauty: avoid direct salt and chlorite as both are harsh and could alter the strongest materials, and damage the gemstones. For this reason, remove your jewelry before swimming. You can clean your jewelry with soapy water and dry it with a soft fabric or microfiber, avoiding as possible the gems. You can polish it with a polishing cloth for extra shine.

You can cleanse your gemstone energetically with fumigation (incense, palo santo, etc.) for one minute, indirect salt (put salt on a bowl and place your creation on top of it on a small saucer) for a few hours, sound (by using a prayer bowl in close proximity), or your own energy, using reiki for example. Quartz geodes and selenite bowls also work wonders to cleanse your gemstones

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that gemstones are truly unique: the necklace you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).

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