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Baguette Magick

Third eye gold-tone earrings

Third eye gold-tone earrings

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Elegant and occult earrings for daylife and sophisticated evenings

Enhance your mysterious style with these captivating occult earrings. Imbued with the symbolism of vision and intuition, these exquisite pieces evoke the essence of the Ajna, also known as the third eye. A perfect blend of sophistication and originality, these earrings make a striking statement on their own or when paired with smaller earrings for a layered effect.

Each earring measures 2.5 cm in length (0.98 in) including the closure, with a drop length of 1 cm (0.39 in) and a width of 1.8 cm (0.70 in). The closures are made from durable stainless steel, and ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Adorning the iris of each eye is a mesmerizing synthetic opal, adding a captivating allure to the overall design.

Unleash your individuality with these bewitching earrings, perfect for those seeking gothic, witchy, and truly original jewelry. Whether you're drawn to the mystical world or simply appreciate the dark beauty of unique accessories, these earrings are destined to become your cherished talisman. They embody the essence of the mysterious and effortlessly blend with your personal style, making a statement that is as enchanting as it is unforgettable. Embrace the mystique and leave a lasting impression wherever your journey takes you.

Care instructions:
To keep your jewelry shiny and beautiful, be gentle with it by avoiding direct contact with water, chemical, salt, and chlorite.
Remove your jewelry before applying lotions, hair spray or perfume, and before going for a swim.
When you are not using it, a dedicated box or pouch will be the best place to store your piece. If needed, you can clean your jewelry with microfiber or a jewelry cloth.

Please note that colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings.

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