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Skulls pentacles spikes and magnetic hematite earrings

Skulls pentacles spikes and magnetic hematite earrings

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Achieve the perfect dark aesthetic look with these stunning earrings

These stunning earrings are perfect to achieve a gothic, alternative, dark aesthetic look. With skulls, reversed pentacles, and spikes, they are so originals. The skulls are detailed. Wearing these earrings, you are sure to be remarkable.

The gemstones are magnetic hematite, great to combine the properties of hematite and magnets.

The pentacle symbolizes the five elements united (air, water, earth, fire, and ether). Reversed as in these earrings, it represents the force of matter on the spirit.

Hematite is a great gemstone to feel balanced. Protective, this stone can help us to feel grounded. Usually, it's used to find focus, and it's a powerful meditation asset. Hematite is linked to the root chakra, the zodiac signs of Aries and Aquarius, and Earth and fire elements.

Often used as a symbol for Human vanity in literature and painting, the skull symbol invites us to reflect on our limited time of incarnation. It symbolizes death, but when worn by divinities, in Hinduism for example, it can represent the ability to defeat death. It also underlines that both life and death are part of the same circle. As a symbol of protection, it is meant to prevent death. Associated with the Latin sentence "Memento mori", the skull asks us to keep in mind our mortality. In Celtic representations, the skull is a representation of the house of the soul and was worn for prosperity and good health. Often used in Christian art, skulls are included in saints' representations to show their wisdom and understanding of mortality. In contemporary culture, wearing a skull express that we are aware of our mortality, and willing to fully enjoy and live the time we have.

The pendant part of each earring is 8 cm long (3.14 in).

These earrings will be the perfect gift for a gothic aesthetic or gemstone lover!

Care instructions:
To keep your jewelry shiny and beautiful, be gentle with it by avoiding direct contact with water, chemical, salt, and chlorite.
Remove your jewelry before applying lotions, hair spray or perfume, and before going for a swim.
When you are not using it, a dedicated box or pouch will be the best place to store your piece. If needed, you can clean your jewelry with microfiber or a jewelry cloth.
You can cleanse your gemstone energetically with fumigation (incense, palo santo, etc.) for one minute, indirect salt (put salt on a bowl and place your creation on top of it on a small saucer) for a few hours, sound (by using a prayer bowl in close proximity), or your own energy, using reiki for example. Quartz geodes and selenite bowls also work wonders to cleanse your gemstones

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that it's a handmade creation: the item you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).

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