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Set of 3 astro dices zodiac divination tool

Set of 3 astro dices zodiac divination tool

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A set of 3 Astro dices, amazing tools for all divination practices related to astrology and zodiac. Each 2 cm (0.78 in) Astro dice is made of gorgeous, iridescent epoxy resin, and embellished with golden ink.

The set is composed of 3 12 sides dices:
Houses (purple),
Zodiac signs (green),
Planets (blue).

Your dices come in a gorgeous velvet pouch to protect them and carry them everywhere with you. The size of the pouch is 9cm on 7 cm (3.54 in x 2.75 in).

To find answers directly related to astrology, or for work on the spiritual and occult meaning of signs, planets, and houses, these dices will spice up your divination practice. You can use them alone or with any divination practice of your choice (tarot, oracle, runes...).
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