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Printable runes cards

Printable runes cards

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Ready to print and use runes cards!

A complete set of printable runes cards! For divination, spells and rituals, meditation, these printable runes cards will be your favorite tool. Just print them, cut them, and start your divination session.

For practical magic, you can place them according to what you want to manifest. You can also print them to meditate on their deep meaning.

They will be perfect for any beginner learning runes, as each card has the name of the rune.

The possibilities are endless. Just listen to your intuition and start your practice with these printable runes.

They are classified by Aetts (Freya's, Hagall's, and Tyr's). By purchasing this set, you'll receive PDF files of 3 pages (one for each group of runes), size A4 and US letter. They are ready to print, cut, and use!

Discover all the printable runes cards collection, to find the perfect ones for you!



1. Purchase your rune set
2. Once payment is confirmed, you'll receive a download link in your email box
3. Click the Download link to save your printable runes set
4. Extract your files with Winrar or Winzip, and they are ready to print!


This is a digital purchase, you will not receive physical runes.
You can print your runes at home or in a print shop.

Please use it for your personal practice and don't resale them.

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor and printer settings.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!

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