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Luciferian earrings, Lilith and Lucifer sigils, inverted pentacle, made of stainless steel

Luciferian earrings, Lilith and Lucifer sigils, inverted pentacle, made of stainless steel

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Luciferian earrings to inspire you to tap into your power

Discover these Luciferian symbols red earrings: statement jewelry that will add a touch of gothic elegance to all your outfits. Made entirely with high-quality stainless steel, these earrings are durable and comfortable. They'll become your favorite everyday jewelry and are perfect for sensitive skin.

The charms of these earrings are adorned with important symbols of Luciferianism and dark occultism.
The pentacle symbolizes the five elements united (air, water, earth, fire, and ether). When inverted, it can represent the force of matter on the spirit, but also the will to embrace and accept our own shadow aspects, and can inspire you if you practice shadow work.
The sigil, or seal of Lucifer ("Light Bringer" in Latin), is an old symbol referring to mankind. The X in it refers to power in the physical plane. This sigil can be used to find inspiration in Lucifer as the Morning Star, inviting us to question new ideas, find knowledge and wisdom, and embrace our true selves.
They are many myths about Lilith and we can find deep meaning and inspiration in them. Seen as the first woman, sometimes half-woman and half-demon, Lilith would have refused to be inferior to Adam. This part of the myth-inspired feminist movements in the '70s. She symbolizes also feminity and seduction. Lilith's myths can inspire us to tap and dive into our full power.

These earrings are 5.8 cm long (1.96 in), with pendants with a 3.5 cm diameter (1.18 in). Each earring weighs 4.34 grams.

Care instructions:
Stainless steel doesn't tarnish but still, being gentle with it will preserve its beauty: avoid direct salt and chlorite as both are harsh and could alter the strongest materials. You can clean your jewelry with soapy water and dry it with a soft fabric or microfiber. You can polish it with a polishing cloth for extra shine.

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