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Lucifer sigil ring bracelet hand chain in stainless steel

Lucifer sigil ring bracelet hand chain in stainless steel

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The seal of Lucifer ring bracelet is back! In its upgraded version!

The Lucifer sigil bracelet is back, in stainless steel! The ring bracelet you loved so much is back after two years, in its upgraded version: stainless steel is hypoallergenic, doesn't tarnish, and is highly durable. Wear your Lucifer sigil hand chain on any occasion, adding a touch of originality, style, and elegance to your outfits with this meaningful occult piece of jewelry.

The sigil, or seal of Lucifer ("Light Bringer" in Latin), is an old symbol referring to mankind. The symbol was found in the Grimorium Verum, an old Italian grimoire also called the "Grimoire of Truth". The X in it refers to power in the physical plane.

The Lucifer sigil charm measures 2.7 on 2 cm (1.06 on 0.78 in). Two bracelet strands are attached to the sigil, of 10 and 14 cm (3.93 to  5.51 in) including the extender chain. This is the perfect length to accommodate comfortably wrights from 14 to 21 cm (5.51 to 8.26 in).
If you need another length, let me know so I can customize your hand chain to your measurements. 
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