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Baguette Magick

Kilt pin brooch adorned with gemstones, crystal, charms

Kilt pin brooch adorned with gemstones, crystal, charms

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A sword brooch in a medieval style

Elevate any of your outfits with one of these adorable kilt pins! Made of stainless steel, and adorned with lovely charms, gemstone beads, or glass, choose the brooch to complement your unique style.

Which one will you choose?
  • Faceted onyx and dagger charm,
  • Fluorite gemstones and third eye charm,
  • Chain and sword,
  • Chains and crystal, color changing from yellow to blue depending on the light.
To add style to a blazer or a coat, add originality to a handbag or your favorite hat, or of course close your kilt, this brooch is the perfect accessory. Stainless steel is a totally recyclable material that doesn't tarnish and keeps its shine.

The pin is 5 cm (1.96 in) long and 1 cm (0.39 in) wide, with a dangling part of approximately 5 cm.
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