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Baguette Magick

Golden wrap bird skull faux suede choker

Golden wrap bird skull faux suede choker

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A versatile bird skull golden wrap choker

You can wear this super long suede choker in tons of different ways :
  • one round around your neck, leaving the little charms hanging,
  • two rounds and a knot,
  • as a hair accessory,
  • around your wrist as a bracelet,
  • as a belt... So many possibilities!
I make my suede chokers super long (1 m 20 / 47 in) to let you express your creativity with them. Let your imagination work!

Like all my jewelry, this choker carries deep symbols. This necklace is embellished with a bird skull who adds a dark vibe to this choker. Two feathers adorn the ends of the choker.

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