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Chakras printable pendulum charts

Chakras printable pendulum charts

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The perfect tool for chakra healing

Two pendulum boards to practice dowsing and ask your questions about chakras. This is the perfect pack of charts to know on which chakra you may focus.

One pendulum chart lists each chakra :

  • Muladhara, the root,
  • Svadhisthana, the sacral,
  • Manipura, the solar plexus,
  • Anahata, the heart,
  • Vishuddha, the throat,
  • Ajna, the third-eye,
  • Sahasrara, the crown.

The other helps you to check the status of a specific chakra: blocked, balanced, or overworking.

These boards will be perfect for anyone into chakra healing, or any energy healing technics like reiki or magnetism.

This pack contains 3 PDF files to print your pendulum board in A4, A5 or US letter size.



1. Purchase your pendulum chart
2. Once payment is confirmed, you'll receive a download link in your email box
3. Click the Download link to save your pendulum board
4. Extract your files with Winrar or Winzip, and they are ready to print!


This is a digital purchase, you will not receive physical boards.
You can print your board at home or in a print shop.

Please use it for your personal practice and don't resale them.

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor and printer settings.

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