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Black agate, obsidian and caduceus Sephoroton dowsing pendulum

Black agate, obsidian and caduceus Sephoroton dowsing pendulum

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A heavy black agate Sephoroton pendulum, perfect for beginners and experts at dowsing

With its harmonious shape and the precision of its point, the Sephoroton pendulum has the quality of metal and gemstones pendulums. The gemstone sphere will be perfect to feel the connection with your dowsing tool, and the point will allow you to read easily the answers. Reliable and effective, your Sephoroton pendulum will become your favorite divination tool in no time! Great for receptivity, it's a fantastic tool for all practices. Both beginners and experts can rely on this kind of pendulum. This one is made with a black agate sphere and is adorned with an obsidian bead and a caduceus charm.

The caduceus is the attribute of the god Hermes. It's a short staff made of olive wood, surrounded by two snakes. These snakes represent the union between the earth and the sky and spiritual awakening. In alchemy, these two snakes are symbols of sulfur and mercury, in perfect balance (the fixed and the volatile). If you are a yoga practitioner, maybe you saw this symbol for the transformation of spiritual consciousness. The snakes represent the kundalini, awakening from the root to the crown chakra along the spine. Freemasonry also uses the symbol of the caduceus, to represent the balance between negative and positive energies. in this context, the staff can designate the axis Mundi. Opposites are united to reach knowledge together. The caduceus is often mixed up with Aesculapius's staff, a staff surrounded by one snake.

Black agate is a protective gemstone. It helps for grounding and to find balance. It's also a great gemstone to find spiritual purpose. The black agate crystal increases mental strength and provides resilience. It's linked to the root chakra.

Obsidian is a perfect choice for grounding. It also gives psychic protection. That's a reason why obsidian is often used for divination and astral traveling purposes. You may know it as the "truth stone" because obsidian can help you to see the truth in yourself and others. it's connected to the root chakra.

This pendulum is 4 cm x 1.8 cm (1.57 x 0.70 in), and the chain is 21 cm (8.26 in) long. The weight of the pendulum is 14.32 grams for the bob only, and 17.85 grams including the chain.

Note that the pendulum can be unscrewed to remove the gemstone. This way, you can liberate the black agate sphere and clean easily your crystal. For this reason, you can feel the crystal turning when you manipulate it.

Care instructions:
To keep your pendulum shiny and beautiful, be gentle with it by avoiding direct contact with water, chemical, salt, and chlorite. If needed, you can clean your pendulum with microfiber or a jewelry cloth. When you are not using it, a dedicated box or pouch will be the best place to store your divination tool.
You can cleanse your gemstone energetically with fumigation (incense, palo santo, etc.) for one minute, indirect salt (put salt on a bowl and place your creation on top of it on a small saucer) for a few hours, sound (by using a prayer bowl in close proximity), or your own energy, using reiki for example. Quartz geodes and selenite bowls also work wonders to cleanse your gemstones

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that gemstones are truly unique: the item you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).

Please feel free to ask me any questions!

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