The consecration ritual: What is it? Should you do it? How does it work?

The consecration ritual: What is it? Should you do it? How does it work?

If you never heard of consecrations before, or read the word without knowing what it could be, you are in the right place. For many witches, the consecration is an important ritual, often the very first one we did. You may also even be consecrating your witchcraft tools in your own way, without knowing it!

What is consecration?

When you are getting any object that will play a role in your magickal practice, the consecration is the ritual that will transform this mundane object into a sacred one for you. Consecration will cleanse your tool, and imbue it with specific energy, making it even more effective to convey your intentions. Consecration can be called, and be done, in many different ways depending on the practice.

Candles, candle snuffers, and even cauldrons can be found in every house for mundane purposes, while you would be using them in a completely different way, full of symbolism, during your rituals and spells casting. And maybe some of these mundane objects will have a second, magickal life with you. What makes these objects powerful isn't the price you paid to get them, but the energy you put into them.

Consecration has two purposes: cleansing something, and dedicating it to a practice/intention. If you are practicing any kind of energy healing (magnetism, reiki, or other) you may already be consecrating your tools doing exactly that. Also, these two things, purification and dedication of the tool, can be done in two separate time: you may want to cleanse something as soon as it comes into your hands, and decide to consecrate it later. You may also be using a tool for years, and decide to consecrate it now to give it a new purpose, or claim that it will now have a special importance to you.

Dowsing quartz pendulum for divination

As any other divination tool, pendulums can be consecrated

How to do a consecration ritual?

Your consecration ritual can take any shape and form. You can follow an existing ritual, adapt it, or even create one completely new for you. As long as you feel focused, and that the ritual matches your style, it will work.

Here is an example of a consecration ritual:

Begin by casting your circle (to know more about circles, you can read my blog How to cast a magic circle for your rituals).

Prepare a cup of water, a cup of salt, a candle, and some incense. Light the candle and the incense.

Pass the object through the incense smoke, saying "By the element of air, I purify you",

Pass the object above the candle flame, saying "By the element of fire, I purify you",

Sprinkle a drop of water on the object, saying "By the element of water, I purify you",

Sprinkle some salt on the object, saying "By the element of earth, I purify you",

Hold your object, and visualize all the energy you are putting into it, making it yours, linking it to your magickal path, saying
"by the power of the Goddess and the God,
by the powers of the air, fire, water, and earth,
I consecrate you"

You can follow up by consecrating other tools, casting another ritual, meditating, or directly closing your circle.

When I say that this ritual is an example, I say it to invite you to modify everything you need and add or remove steps as you wish. The mention of the Goddess and the God should match how you refer to your divinity, or divinities. It has to feel true to your heart and soul, no matter which words and names you prefer.

I truly believe that making your practice unique is a great way to connect with your magick. As always, you can't expect "you should" or "you have to" on my blog, as I think that you are your own master and that your intuition will always guide you in doing what you need to do, in the way you are meant to.

Should you consecrate your tools yourself?

YES! That's my short answer, but let's elaborate:
Consecrations rituals are simple, easy, and yet meaningful. They are a great way to start practicing rituals. Also, no one can imbue an object with your own energy than yourself. In this perspective, a good consecration ritual is the one YOU do.

Maybe you are a complete beginner, considering asking an experimented friend, or are afraid of laughing in the middle, sputtering most of the words you would have written with so much care... it doesn't matter at all! Even if it happens this way, this would be your ritual and you will remember and cherish it in its gorgeous and sweet imperfection.

witch ritual athame

Should you consecrate every tool you use?

Only you can know. When I started, I consecrated everything I would use in my magickal practice. Practicing for now more than 20 years, the difference between my magickal and mundane possession is blurred. I do have altars, but my whole home feels magickal. I do have many tools, but to what extent are they more magickal than a cherished dress I would wear only when I have the intention to be more eloquent? Should I have a second candle snuffer to use outside rituals, when I always extinguish every candle with presence and appreciation? As a result, I don't consecrate in a ritualistic way all of my tools, and I charge in another way most of what I have.

You don't have to consecrate absolutely everything, but if you enjoy this kind of ritual, consecrating something can be a way to focus your intention, and make something special.

pentacle pendulum necklace

Feel free to consecrate your jewelry pieces too, as they are part of your magick practice.

I hope you enjoyed this focus on the consecration ritual. Take from it what inspires you, adapt, and have fun! Because as long as it doesn't harm yourself or others, magick is about connecting yourself to what makes your soul happy and fullfiled, and what could be more fun than that?

I can't wait to know how you personally do it!

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