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The best gemstones for gaming

A guide for geek witches and wizards

When you are a witch, it doesn't take long for your practice to inspire you in everything you do! And for geek witches, this does include gaming. Gaming is a wonderful activity to explore your imagination, surpass yourself in competition, and share with friends, and you can totally make some space for lovely gemstones as part of your passion.

It's surprising to me, considering how gaming is something I adore, and how it can even be part of some juicy tech witchery practices, that this topic of gemstones and gaming isn't addressed more. As far as I know, you won't find books dedicated to which crystal to wear depending on the favorite game you love to play. So here I am, sharing what I love to do, based on my personal experience with my own gems.

Black Tourmaline: because who wants chaotic energy around our computers?

My desk might be a mess sometimes, but I do enjoy some appeased energies. Also, the universe made me in such a way that despite being a geek... I don't actually handle well massive electromagnetic energy. I found nothing better than good big pieces of tourmaline: the bigger, the better. No need to go for some fancy engraved ones, just pick a massive crystal you like.

tourmaline gemstone

Anything is good to clean your black tourmaline from time to time: salt, water, both at the same time... it is a resistant gemstone you can purify as you wish. To recharge it, sunlight is perfect.

If you don't have tourmaline, you can use Onyx or Obsidian instead.

Hematite: to stay focused on the goal

Not every game will ask for your complete attention... but some will. Great stone for focus and logic, hematite can help us play many strategy games. From running a perfectly working city in Cities Skylines 2, to setting your path looting the best gears in Apex, Hematite is your friend.

hematite gemstone

When needed, clean your hematite with water, water with a pinch of salt, but not with pure salt: your gem would resent you for this cruel aggression. Recharge it with sunlight to regen its energy.

Aventurine: for creativity and opportunities

This exquisite stone is my absolute fav when it comes to any situation where creative solutions are helpful, which covers... almost any moment in life really! We might sometimes look for gems for luck, but Aventurine is the one to create our own luck.

aventurine triquetra pendulum necklace

Because aventurine helps us see things optimistically, this crystal will help us stay positive and notice how we can change our strategy to win. Wear yours for a World of Warcraft dungeon, an FPS competition, or a poker tournament, and make the victory yours!
Clean your Aventurine with water, salt, or both, and recharge it with sunlight for maximum power.

Rose quartz: because gaming is self-love!

"Do this, do that", "Be a perfect responsible adult 24/7"... sometimes we might hear so many injunctions to be productive that taking some time off to do something we love might awaken feelings of guilt. But our inner child does fancy a walk along magnificent forests even when they are made of pixels. This time for you, to play after a stressful day, or to explore and have fun, is yours and only makes you a calmer, happier being.

rose quartz mushroom chainmail necklace

If you struggle to fully enjoy the time you choose to dedicate to your hobby, nurture this inner child, and love yourself as the magnificent geek you are, rose quartz is the gem to remind you why you are perfect as you are.
Rose quartz can be cleansed with water, salt, or both, and appreciate sunlight and sunset to recharge its delicate energy.

Tiger eye: to beat social anxiety and have the best sessions making new friends

No matter how kind and nice might be the other players (which... isn't necessarily the case for all communities, so please look for adorable people to share your precious time with), shyness can wait for us around the corner. Despite the communication being through a mic or a discord server, feeling comfortable with other players isn't natural for everyone.

tiger eye egg necklace baguette magick

And in situations like that, a small boost of confidence can be ideal to relax, and enjoy the game while getting to know people sharing our passion. Tiger's eye is here for that, it is actually often called the confidence stone for this reason! Favorite of orators wanting to convince large audiences, it is also great for small circles, to get out of our shells and have a good time with others.
Tiger eye is a badass stone: salt, water, it handles it all for its purification. Recharge yours with bright sunlight!

Cleansing disclaimer:

of course, to purify your gems, take into account the materials if you are using jewelry. In case of doubt, soft techniques such as fumigation always work perfectly.

Which gem do you want to try first during your gaming time? Which game are you playing? Do you use other gemstones for that? Please let me know in the comments to make a geek witch happy!

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