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The 3 cards tarot spread (and why this is one of my favorites)

There are a lot of ways to use your Tarot deck, and many spreads to do your readings. When we begin, the 3 card spread is an absolute to learn, and to practice often.
As we develop our divination abilities, we go further and further into the complexity and add many cards to our spreads.
But after 20 years of practice, for the majority of my questions, the 3 card spread is still one of my favorites. Simple, direct, polyvalent, let's learn more about it!


Wich type of questions can we ask with the 3 cards Tarot spread?

Past - Present - Future
A simple way to know which energies are guiding you

Situation - Challenge - Advice
In my opinion, this is a good way to know more about what you could need to do when the situation is not clear enough to have a specific question but still need some guidance.

Mind - Body - Spirit
Tarot is such a good tool to dig into ourselves. It's good sometimes to use it just for that.


What they say - What they think - What they feel even without knowing it yet about you
Don't get me wrong: it's not about looking into someone's feelings without being authorized. The goal is just to see more clearly what a person is feeling about you. A good tool to understand your relationships

Need to know - Need to do - Outcome
A good way to clarify your actions.
Anyway, my advice is to use your cards... as you feel. Feel free to create, to improvise, to create your own spreads even for just one specific reading. The more you let your intuition works, the more accurate you will be!
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