Witches, here some tips for your daily muggle job

Witches, here are some tips for your office job

Sometimes, the contradiction between our inner work, full of magick, and our daily life, can be a real struggle. It can be so hard to deal with it, in a society that doesn't value what we cherish (nature, animals, equality between all beings...).

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And... we need the money and a can be in a workplace not in alignment with what we want to do. I don't have right now a solution to create our dream society (in mine, we share the space with animals, parks, where we could cultivate our vegetables, are everywhere, and everybody can get dressed as they like... this doesn't look like the world we live in at the moment right?) but at least, I can share with you some tips to deal with this everyday life.

A morning routine :

It's never too early to put some magic in your day. I love to get rid of morning tasks as fast as possible, to have some time to enjoy my coffee and treat myself with something I enjoy (a pick a card video for example). If you have glamour rituals, you can make your make up magic.

Choose the right gemstones :

Without gemstones, I feel naked. I have a lot of them and it's part of my ritual to choose one or many each morning. And... I speak to them. It looks like something like that: "beautiful pink quartz, would you be my pendant today ?". It looks crazy but, who cares?

If I feel tired and in need of protection, I do use an obsidian. It's great to protect your energies, especially if you have to take public transportations or work in a call center. I also use mine if I have to go shopping in the city.
For a lot of people, obsidian is so powerful that it can be too strong to wear every day. If you feel that too, you can go for another protective gemstone, like onyx.

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Lack of empathy? Pink quartz will help you to open a little bit. You may encounter nice and sweet people today, so this gemstone can help you to connect with them.

If you want to connect more with your intuition and use this ability all day long, an amethyst will be perfect. Your day is made of tons of little decisions, clarity will help you along the way. You can discover more about amethyst on my blog: Amethyst properties

To reinforce each gemstone, clear quartz is perfect. Remember that you can program yours with a specific purpose.

hexagon quartz necklace

Going to work, and transportation :

This can be a time for magick. Use this time for anything you want: inspiring music, a clear conscience, or your perfect witchy podcast.

My favorites are Magick and Mediums, hosted by Anielle Reid, and the Witch Wave with Pam Grossman.

This can also be a time for meditation if you take the train for example... it would obviously not be a good idea if you have to drive ^^

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Clearing your energies along the day :

A rough conversation with a customer or co-worker? Don't let this complicate the rest of the day. "Cut" the energies on your arms and hands to remove them from you. It's hard to explain without showing, but it looks like moves you can do after a reiki or an energetic healing session. And remember, as often as you need that this event is not to take personally. Questioning yourself is a clever thing to do, but maybe this customer was rude because of a bad day, or maybe you have the haircut of someone who hurts him. Cut the link, and move to your next task.

"Back home" rituals :

To enjoy a magick time in your home, get rid of all these energies. Create your own ritual. This can be a shower: imagine the heavy energies going with the water. Or a meditation: even a short one would be wonderful. And get rid of your daily clothes if you don't want these energies during your evening.

Cats! Cats! Cats!

It would obviously work with dogs, rats, or any animal of your family ^^ But I am a cat person and can only speak of what I know. Your cat spent his day without you and may need your company and love.

Mine wants my attention right after I go back home. And sometimes, I just want to be alone. But hugging him always reminds me of what's important in life.

hug cat the french witch

Sharing your home with loved ones :

If you don't live alone, my tip would be to wait for these rituals before telling them about your day. With hindsight, you can speak and laugh about your day without putting stress on your loved ones, because you took the time to detach from the events of the day.

I hope you are now ready for your wonderful evening. If some tips are helpful to you, or if you have your own rituals, let me know ^^

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