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My pendulum beginner's guide

Pendulums are such amazing divination tools. You can take yours with you anytime and, with a little practice, contact easily your intuition.

But if you are totally new to the subject, here come some tips to begin your pendulum journey. As you can find plenty of tutorials on the internet, I'll just explain to you as I do with my friends curious about this easy and fantastic tool.

Let's learn the art of dowsing

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How to choose a pendulum?

Looking for your first pendulum? Just listen to your intuition and choose something that pleases you. You can't find one who calls you? Maybe wait a little for the good one. I would recommend "soft" gemstones to begin, like quartz, pink quartz, or fluorite, but it's really a matter of choice. No need to take it too seriously: if the pendulum is a tool for you, it's highly probable that you'll have soon a whole collection.


Amethyst pentacle pendulum for dowsing


Create a connection with your pendulum

Do you have the right one? Time to make it yours. Get rid of unwanted energies with the method of your choice, but be delicate with the materials: most pendulums are would not support direct contact with water or salt. In case of doubt, you can use palo santo or sage in fumigation or a singing bowl.

When your pendulum is clear as you want it to be, keep it with you, place it under your pillow when you sleep or keep it in a pocket... anything you want to make it your own.

Let's practice!

How to hold your pendulum?

Hold the chain between your thumb and index (I hold mine between my first index phalanx and the pulp of my thumb). The position must be comfortable. It's better to avoid the "tail" to hang, so if you can, just hold it in your hand. The pendulum is a tool to interpret your discrete body moves, a way to communicate with your intuition through your body, so be sure that you are not feeling tense. Relax, and find a good position for you. For this reason, it's better to let your elbow free and not cut the natural moves of your body.

Create a language between your pendulum and you

Ready to ask some questions? It's even better if you can understand the answers, right? Create a language with this easy method: hold your pendulum, and ask it to show you its yes, no, and maybe. Don't hesitate to do it with any new pendulum you add to your collection. Once you've done that, you are ready to practice the art of dowsing!

Do you want to ask very specific questions? Add some pendulum boards to your tools!

Once you feel comfortable with the "classic" practice, you can use pendulum boards, or even do research with the tools of your choice, like maps for example. Feel free to improvise, to create your own style of practice. You can create your boards, or purchase some. You'll find in my shop a whole collection of pendulum boards, ready to print once you've downloaded them, to go further in your practice.


Onyx snake divination pendulum


How to store your pendulum?

How you store your pendulum is really up to you, and of the material composing it. If your pendulum is made of crystal, follow the instruction of this specific gemstone. For example, an amethyst shouldn't be placed for too long under the sunlight.
Storing your pendulum on, or in your altar, can be a great way to express the sacred aspects you gave to your favorite divination tool. As for any spiritual practice, I would always advise you to follow your instinct.


Pendulum charts starter pack

How to clean and charge your pendulum?

It all depends on the material. Usually, pendulums are delicate. Please avoid direct contact with water. In the case of doubt, fumigation is always a good way to clean your pendulum. Incense, sage, palo santo... all are great for this purpose. Indirect salt is also a good and safe way to clean your tools: just put some salt in a container, and place your tool in a glass plate above it. To charge your pendulum, your energy and intention will always be the best. If you do energy healing, it's time to try it on your pendulum. Love it, take care of it, and your favorite tool will help you in the best way.

Some additional tips!

  • Did you forget your pendulum? Use a necklace. The power is in you, not into your tool (even if you care a lot about it, and yes, it can be easier with it, but still, don't limit yourself because you don't have your pendulum with you).

  • Feeling tension in your body? It's hard to understand the answers? Or the pendulum just refuses to move at all? Take some time to center yourself. maybe you are too committed to the answer to want to have. To practice well, you need to let go of your desire to obtain a specific answer. It can seem contradictory, but to have to step back from the question to obtain an answer. In my case, I sense the tension in my back. When I feel it, I know that I have to work on myself, ask myself what is my personal feeling about the subject. If it still doesn't work, relax, and try later. If you need an extra help, you can use my dedicated pendulum chart : "Why can't I get my answer" pendulum chart

Please let me know if this guide helps you and share your personal tips in the comments!


Unakite dowsing pendulum


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