Mabon is behind us. And what now ?

The Mabon sabbat is behind us. And what now ?

A focus on psychological work we can do to prepare Samhain


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Mabon, one of my favorite times of the year. The beauty of the trees, the fresher days, the longer nights. I feel gratitude for the harvest, and for everything making me happy! my boyfriend, my cats, my friends, and also my delicious pumpkin soup! I celebrate this Sabbat knowing that after that, my favorite, Samhain, is coming.

In some weeks, the darkness will take more power and influence, and to celebrate, I will put my wishes on paper, and burn them into my beloved cauldron (btw, this is just my way of doing it. I read tons of books, but still do as I want).


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So... to make these wishes come true, I have to make some space, to get rid of things who don't serve me anymore. It shall be easy, right? If I know what I want, I should know what I don't want!

Psychological work: not fun, but powerful

The days pass, the new Moon pass... and it's still not so clear. But even the trees are losing leaves. Which are the leaves I have to let go? So, let's dig into this not so glamour or fun, but powerful work we do as witches: the psychological one.
To begin, let's study some reasons that make this work hard :

We have to look into our souls with honesty:

Dreaming about the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend? About the meetings, first dates, Netflix and chill afternoon? You can totally make this happen. But after a few weeks, how will be your relationship if you struggle with emotional dependency, jealousy, or other dark difficulties?


We may in a weird way still love who makes our lives hard:

Maybe you want to be successful, to get a promotion, develop your company, become popular... Are you comfortable in every way with success? Do you feel ready or are you... afraid? Do you feel in a way secure in your actual job? Are you ready to face the challenges of your own success?
I told you: this is not the fun part of being a witch, or just a human being willing to go forward. But to make your wishes come true, we have to face our fears.


Some ideas to do this introspection work:

The first thing I am thinking about is obviously meditation. If you already practice, you may have shared this experience with me: some sessions are just a pleasure and calm. the energies are moving in harmony. Your soul seems to be like a peaceful blank space (please be kind to me... this is hard to explain as English isn't my first language). And other sessions can be... so hard!

You try to create this space, but dark ideas, memories, are coming. You know that your soul needs to process this work, but this is not a fun moment!  But every session is an opportunity to clean your mind, to rest, to move forward to the real you.

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Maybe you can create your personal ritual! Ask for some guidance to help you to identify what is blocking you. I have to confess that I created for me a lot of these, because... what could we asking for if we don't know ourselves enough? It seems to me to be essential. And once you have this clarity, nothing can stop you.


And what if you just don't want to do this work right now?

Just don't! Accept that you may need them in the place you are right now. It's totally okay too. Life is about moving, but also about immobility. You don't have to be something or someone, but just you, as you already are. And later if you feel you want some changes, reminds this blog and maybe, I hope so, some ideas will help you.

For the first time, I put more of myself and of my personal ideas into this blog. And guys, sharing is not easy !!! (yeah, even for someone spending a scandalous time on Instagram and Pinterest). So, if you like this kind of content, please let me know. I will gladly write more about the wheel of the year and how every sabbat is an opportunity to reconnect to our souls.

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