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How to cast a magic circle for your rituals?

The circle casting is a basic in every witchcraft practice. But how and why do we do it? If you are a beginner, maybe you want to learn how to do it properly. And if you are confirmed, maybe you are thinking about new ways to cast it for your practice.

Casting a circle is not an obligation of course, but I am convinced that it's an efficient and useful part of any ritual. My practice is very simple, but over the years, I discovered some technics that I want to share with you.

As a solitary practitioner, I always allowed myself to do as I please, and to adapt any technics I discovered if I wanted to. So don't expect me to advise you to do it in a certain way. My point is just to give you ideas, inspirations, to create your own, personal and unique way to cast your circle.


What is a circle? And why cast a circle?

You can see it as a cone of power, or a protective sphere. Your circle is your temple, your sacred space to practice safely, in total confidence.

There are many benefits to cast a circle.
The most important is that your circle will protect you from external energies. You are preparing yourself to reach an altered state of consciousness, to open to spiritual realms. So, you want to be sure to be safe and not distracted or interrupted by unwanted entities. Better bein prepared than vulnerable.

It's also a tool to attune yourself to the specific energy you want to attract during your ritual. As you cast your circle, you are putting energy in a specific place, making it powerful, and accessible for your spell.

Another reason why I always cast a circle if that the preparation of it helps me getting deeper in the vibe I am looking for.

How to cast the circle?

Before even doing it, make sure all your tools are placed, that the space is clean, and that nothing and no one will disturb you.

If you want to, place some items to mark the cardinal points. It can be stones, candles. I usually use candles placed in candle holders, with the colors of the elements.

candle magick

Trace your circle at 360 degrees clockwise, and make sure that your line is meeting the beginning of it to close the circle. take your time, visualize and feel the energy when you are drawing it.

Keep in mind your intention to keep away lower energies, and still let come the energies you want to welcome. If it helps you, say it out loud.

Asking for the help of guardians, elements, and elementals is optional. But if you want to do it by saying the following sentences when you are for example lighting your cardinal points candles :
“I call for the light of the East and the element of Air to watch over this sacred circle.”
“I call for the light of the South and the element of Fire to watch over this sacred circle.”
“I call for the light of the West and the element of Water to watch over this sacred circle.”
“I call for the light of the North and the element of Earth to watch over this sacred circle.”
"Please join me and bless this circle".

I would recommend personalizing your ritual, so you'll be confident doing it. It may reflect your personality and beliefs.
Once your circle is closed, ask your God, Goddess, Gods, Angels, Spiritual guides to assist you if you want to.

What can we use?

Drawing it with your hand:

When I discovered witchcraft as a teenager, all I read about was salt. I couldn't find at this time a book teaching other technics. But I was a broom closet witch, practicing in secret... in a bedroom full of carpet! So salt wasn't possible for me. I just used my intuition and used my finger to cast my circle. I instantly knew it was working, and I saw a soft light emanating from my finger. Fun fact is that later, I found the Scott Cunningham's book "Wicca, a guide for the solitary practitioner", in which the author described this exact technic! I know that not everyone loves this book, but as it helped me so much to discover and create my practice, I love it very much.

Just use your finger, focus on it, and draw your circle. Take the time to feel the energy. Don't rush it and feel that you are creating your sacred space. And make sure that your line is meeting at the end. So if you don't want to use tools, or want a quick way to cast your circle, just use your magnificent witch's hand!

Drawing it with a tool:

It's time to use your wand, your athame, or any tool you like! I use usually my athame because it's my favorite tool (I even have one tattooed, so yeah, I love it so much). Of course, you have to be sure that the area you are practicing on can handle it. You don't want to ruin your home.

If I can't use my athame, or if my ritual is linked to any fertility or manifestation symbol, I use my wand. Go creative on it, and use whatever you want to. On the practical part, it's the same: just draw your circle with your tool.

magic wand


Protective and natural, using salt is a traditional way to cast your circle. Just think about the way you'll dispose of it after your ritual. If you want to use a broom, no need to say it would be better to use a magic, consecrated one than your regular home cleaning broom!

Other materials:

You can place stones to draw your circle. Seeds and flowers can be used too. The important is always to visualize your circle. As long as you do it, you can use any material you are thinking of.

quartz stone
Creating an energy bubble:

Another thing I did before reading it! You don't have to know that someone else does that to try your own thing. I recommend this technic if you are experienced in any energy technic, like healing, or if the place you are working in is too small for drawing an actual circle. Let your hands meet up, and feel the energy between them. Try to create a full energy ball. Compact it, let it grow, do it as long as you want until you sense it's powerful enough to let it expand around you.

How to open it once the ritual is finished?

After you took some time for yourself and you thanked any entities you asked for help, it's time to dissolve your circle.

Many technics can be used. You can "erase" it by drawing it counterclockwise. You can draw an opening, and visualize your circle disappearing.

I hope these informations are helpful and inspiring for you! Feel free to share in the comments what you think about it!

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Thank you so much for the tips .
So simple yet so effective.

Brooke Anderson

I want to do it so I can hurt my enemies and let them know I am powerful and love to see their at the bottom

Willie Daniels

I want to do it so I can hurt my enemies and let them know I am powerful and love to see their at the bottom

Willie Daniels

Thanks for the refresher course. Sometimes you lose knowledge when you don’t use it as much.


Thank you.


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