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Do you need multiple pendulums? And if not, why will you get tons of them anyway!

If you already contacted me for advice to choose your perfect pendulum, you have noticed that I can go on and on about many details! I am this passionate about dowsing! And that's also why I often write long descriptions about each of them.

This can raise a question: do you need multiple pendulums for your different practices?

And in my humble opinion, the answer is no, but you'll get tons of them anyway!

Okay, okay, let's elaborate a bit!

When you are dowsing, the power comes mostly from you. The pendulum allows you to see and detect things you could already perceive in yourself. But such intuitive messages are so subtle that a pendulum is more than welcome to actually see it from our own eyes. Using your pendulum, you will be putting energy into it. Especially if it's a gemstone pendulum, as the crystal does have its own power. But still, during dowsing, most of the energy comes from yourself. You are the powerful witch here!

See it like shoes: can you walk without shoes? Oh yes, absolutely, but it's much more comfortable to have them, right? Would one pair of shoes be enough to go on your adventures? Again, yes! But still, I bet your closet is full of pair of shoes, each one dedicated to certain types of occasions or use. And I bet you don't wear your stiletos when you go for a hike!

witch shoes

Pendulums are the same:

  • You could be walking bare foot, which would be using only your arm. I know it might sound crazy but I swear it works!
  • You could have an everyday pair, which would be a classic quartz pendulum,
  • You might want pendulums that will do wonders on really specific practices, like an Osiris for remote healing, a 9 coils for researches on maps, an obsidian one for psychic sessions, etc.
divination dowsing pendulum quartz lotus

The Osiris will work for everyday dowsing (that's indeed my everyday favorite!), in the same way that you can totally go do your groceries in stiletos or hicking boots.

osiris dowsing pendulum for witchcraft and divination

Each pendulum will be easier for you to use for a specific practice depending on the energies you are working with. Some shapes, materials, gemstones, will make your practice easier, more enjoyable, more confortable if I may say so.

So no, you don't NEED multiple pendulums, but you might WANT multiple pendulums

And honestly, that's from that place that I want you to get your pendulums. Each one of these magickal tools represent new possibilities, exciting ways to connect with your true power, which is so exhilirating! Each pendulum you get is the most beautiful gift you can do to your soul! But need as in "I need to get detergent", nah, we don't do this here!

Still, as each "rule" has its exception, I have personally one: I do not do energy work directly on someone with metal pendulums. I do use my Osiris for remote energy work (when the person I'm working with is somewhere else), but if the person is here with me, I use gemstone pendulums.

clear quartz thot pendulum dowsing divination tool

How did I discover that? With practice and experience. Your "rules" might be completely different, and that's totally fine! You doing your thing, even if it contradicts what books, friends, or people on internet (including myself) doesn't mean you are wrong. It only means that you are a unique practitionner, and that you are the best to know what works for you.

Do you have one or multiple pendulums? Do you have rules about how you use them? Let me know in the comments!

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