An introduction to candle magick: which color for which purpose

An introduction to candle magick: which color for which purpose

Candle rituals and spells are always an interesting way to enrich your practice, especially if you are a busy witch! By engraving them, oiling them, you can create a unique and personal ritual for your specific purpose. 


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In many traditions, you let your candle burn to the end, meditating and focusing on what you want. Some witches love to use small candles, even birthday candles, for quick and effective spells. 


I love to engrave my candles with runes to express my will. I choose big candles and let them burn in multiple sessions to reinforce the power of my intention. When I am not using it, I keep it on my altar, thinking about it multiple times a day.

I also use a lot of tealight candles to honor deities and elements. For this specific purpose, I use white candles and place them in specific candle holders.


The French Witch Blog magick candles ritual spell wicca witchcraft


By practicing, you'll find what is best for you.


But choosing the best candle is not just about size and shape: colors are a key element to focus and be in the right state of mind. To help you find the best for you, I inventoried the main colors and their key ideas. But note that these are mainstream ideas, who can differ according to your inspiration, beliefs, and culture. 


Let me give you an example. For money spells, a lot of rituals in the US use the green color, the shade of a dollar banknote. I live in France and our banknotes have different colors. So, in my culture, money spells would be mostly done with gold candles. Which color would you associate with money? More than general rules, your intuition should guide your practice.


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These are just correspondence and ideas. The most important is always to do as you please, and as you feel.


Pink candles

The French Witch Blog magick candle spell wicca witchcraft divination

Key ideas:


    • Love,
    • Self-love,
    • Feminity,
    • Friendship,
    • Spiritual healing,
    • Honor.


You can also use them for peace, happiness, forming a partnership, spiritual awakening.


Green candles

The French Witch Blog magick candle ritual spell wicca witchcraft

Key ideas:


    • Luck,
    • Success,
    • Fertility,
    • Money,
    • Clarity,
    • Earth.



They are great to manifest abundance, bless your garden, bring balance.



Red candles

The French Witch Blog magick red candle ritual spell witchcraft

Key ideas:


    • Passion,
    • Lust,
    • Courage,
    • Career,
    • Action,
    • Grounding


You can also use them for love (if the pink ones don't reflect what you are looking for), intrepidity, and strength.



Yellow candles

The French Witch Blog magick yellow candle ritual

Key ideas:


    • Key ideas Sun,
    • Positivity,
    • Travel,
    • Intelligence,
    • Learning,
    • Logic


They are also effective for happiness, luck, mental clarity, communication, inspiration, changes.



Black candles

The French Witch Blog magick black candle spell

Key ideas:


    • Safety,
    • Binding,
    • Scrying,
    • Absorbing negativity,
    • Banishment,
    • Resilience.


They are fabulous for healing, defense, memory, peace, stability, inner vision.



Purple candles

The French Witch Blog magick purple candle witchcraft

Key ideas:


    • Spirituality,
    • Third eye,
    • Wisdom,
    • Psychic visions,
    • Divination,
    • Guidance.


You can additionally use them to stimulate your energy, for freedom from the past, to improve dreams and getting rid of nightmares.



Orange candles

The French Witch Blog magick orange candle spell wicca

Key ideas:


    • Creativity,
    • Joy,
    • Adaptability,
    • Ambition,
    • Confidence,
    • Personal strength


You can also use them for legal matters, bring power, mental clarity, inspiration, opportunities...



Blue candles

The French Witch Blog magick blue candle ritual spell

Key ideas:


    • Good fortune,
    • Calm,
    • Water,
    • Focus
    • Forgiveness,
    • Protection


These candles can bring happiness, change, help to find sleep, stimulate astral projections.



White candles

The French Witch Blog magick white candle ritual

Key ideas:


    • Purity,
    • Peace,
    • Freedom,
    • Truth
    • Transformation,
    • Innocence


Try them for benedictions, consecrations, cleaning, meditations.



I hope I gave you some inspiration for your practice! What will be your next ritual? Which kind of candle will you use? Let me know in the comments ^^

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