A focus on amethyst virtues

A focus on amethyst virtues

The spiritual gemstone

Let’s discover more about this incredible gemstone! Amethyst was worn by pharaohs and bishops. You can even see amethyst on the royal great Britain crown.

Some amethyst properties :

  • Help spiritual awareness,
  • Bring wisdom,
  • Calm the mood swings.

As amethyst can bring you peace and calm your mood, if you feel anxious or angry, amethyst can help you with that.

With the calming effect, amethyst is a perfect gemstone for reiki practitioners. It is believed that amethyst can help to make deep dreams and help to avoid nightmares. That's how I use it and I am personally really happy with the result.


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The sobriety stone :

Amethyst is also called the sobriety stone and there is the legend to explain why :
A (negation) – Methystos (drunkenness).
One day, Dionysos was terribly angry. He looked for a human to punish him to feel better. The first one he founded was the young, innocent Amethyst. He released tigers upon her, but Artemis intervened and saved her by…. Turning her into a pure quartz statue (wait... what ?). After a time, Dionysos felt terribly sad about what he done. Sadness made him drop his cup of wine, who tinted the statue in purple.  

Take care of your amethyst :

If you have an amethyst, avoid direct contact with sunlight for a long period: the amethyst could lose colors and become more white.

Correspondences :

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
Chakras: Third eye and crown
Tarot : Temperance

Lithoterapy is an alternative therapy, and can’t replace modern medicine. Gemstones properties are mostly known by users' feelings and cultural heritages. So, if you have any health issues, please consult a doctor and don’t rely only on gemstones.
Please keep in mind that the known effects of a gemstone are felt by the biggest part of users, but still can be different for another.

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The Amethyst is an Saturnian Mineral so the Zodiac Signs are Capricorn and Aquarius.

Benjamin Van Hoeck

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