5 reasons why pendulums are the best to get started at divination

5 reasons why pendulums are the best to get started at divination

I am fond of pendulums, creating more and more, even now, when I am offering in the shop more than 120 different models of them. One of the biggest reasons for this passion: pendulums are the perfect tool for anyone getting started at divination. I invite you to explore these reasons with me!

1) It's the fastest tool to be ready to get some answers, now!

It will always appear more elegant to say that we want to learn divination so badly that we don't mind at all spending hundred of hours reading books about it. But is it true?

If you are feeling stuck, lacking energy, looking for some answer to get out of your loop, just looking for the force to learn new skills, I bet you are not in the best disposition to leave work, commute, cook, clean your house and then spending hours reading tarot books. Am I right? Of course, we want to take the time to learn in the "perfect", "academic" way everything there is to know about the divinatory arts, but there is no shame in also wanting results now, and a bit of time for your favorite tv show. You can say it, I won't judge you (and I've been here too).

Dowsing is a bit like poker: you can get started in 5 minutes, and decades later, there will still be things to learn about it. But for now, we can focus on the wins you can get from these first 5 minutes.

Get your pendulum, get my guide (you'll receive it by subscribing to my newsletter, the link is at the bottom of this page), and start practicing now.

pendulum beginner guide dowsing

2) Dowsing connects you to your most precious divination tool: your body

You never need a pendulum: your body is already telling you the messages from your higher self, soul, call it how you want. But if you are just getting started, well... these messages will be damn hard to detect and interpret! And what about questions with 50, 100 possible answers? That's a whole different level of divination!

And that's what pendulums are for: they amplify the subtle moves of your body, to interpret these in a simple, comprehensible way.

The more you'll practice, the more you'll hear the message of your magnificent, magical body: what your soul craves for, where are the areas of tension, and hidden secrets, even when there is something to discover. Your pendulum will magnify the incredible powers of your body.

rose quartz moon dowsing pendulum

3) Pendulums are fancy!

Pendulums, crystal balls, tarots, oracles... there are so, so many different divination tools, and each one of them represents a path to yourself. We are not only motivated by truth, and effectiveness: we are also creatures appreciating beauty, and aesthetics.

A basic schema conveys a message, and a rectangular building answers a need. But still, we will be attracted to renaissance paintings and intricate Gothic architecture. Why? Because beauty speaks to our soul!

When I started my divination journey, the "trendy" tool among my friends was the Belline oracle. I am not ashamed to say that I never connected to it because I found it unappealing (and that's personnal and 100% subjective). Loving the tool is a part of the process, to make it ours, creating a connexion with it, make it an extension of our body.

On the opposite, I was crazy about the simple, aesthetic lines of my pendulum. It wasn't even fancy honestly: it was a pendulum added as a free gift with a dowsing book! But because I value aesthetics as a way to connect with our tools, I had this dream of creating as many pendulums as possible, to make sure any practitioner, or aspiring practitioner, would find the perfect one in my shop.

lapis moonstone egyptian pendulum eye of horus


4) Pendulums are small

Some pendulums would contradict this point, but in general, pendulums are small enough to be hidden in your pocket or handbag (unlike a crystal ball, or your complete collection of decks!). And how beautiful it is to be able to carry secretly, discreetly, your divination tool? When you get started, the discovery of this whole potential, of you being able to contact your intuition when you need and want it, is euphoric. Will you be able to leave your pendulum at home, waiting to be back to ask some burning questions? With a small tool, you'll don't have to answer this question (and be always ready to answer all the others).

And if you want to travel light, without pockets or handbags, a pendulum necklace may be just perfect for you (and nobody will know it's a pendulum, unless you want them to know).

aventurine triple moon pentacle pendulum necklace


5) You'll probably learn different technics, but dowsing will always be relevant and complementary

Dowsing isn't just a technic you'll learn before jumping in the universe of tarot, the world of runes, or even a tool you would create just for you: dowsing will complement any practice you can think of. You don't need to read about something to do it, you just have to follow your intuition, and your mesmerizing, unlimited imagination (which you'll do easily, boosted by the sweet ecstasy of being able to connect with your intuition on demand through dowsing).

I'll mention the examples I know the best: mines! I love to combine dowsing with tarot and oracle readings. Once I read my spread and interpret as much as I can, I love asking my pendulum questions like "am I right in the way I interpret this card?" or "did I catch every message presented here?". This simple technic helps me catch as much as I can from my readings, knowing fastly where I should focus my attention to take all the gold from my sessions.

Using one of my pendulums during healing sessions is also a great way to know where I should focus the energy, and make sure I didn't miss something important. For this kind of practice, quartz is the superstar!

quartz thot pendulum


The way you'll pair dowsing with any other technic is up to you. Don't be afraid to create something new!

Ready to get started? Chose your perfect pendulum right now! And don't be shy: if you want some advice, use the little purple bubble in the cornet of your screen to ask me your burning questions, and we'll find together the perfect tool for you!

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