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Red Jasper gemstone engraved with the Vegvisir symbol

Red Jasper gemstone engraved with the Vegvisir symbol

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Add the Vegvisir symbol to your altar

The Vegvisir, or Vegvisir compass, is a powerful protective symbol, used by Vikings. This Norse symbol was intended to help the traveler to find the way even in bad weather. It can help in a spiritual way to invoke forces to support us in finding our path.

This red jasper gemstone, engraved with the Vegvisir symbol, can become your favorite amulet, can complete your crystal grid, or will be a great addition to your altar.

This gemstone is 2.5 cm in diameter (0.98 in) and has approximately a 4 mm thickness (0.15 in).

Red Jasper is a grounding gemstone, great to find calm and balance. If you are looking to reinforce your contact with Earth, this stone is perfect for that. This crystal awakens the kundalini and promotes spiritual enlightenment. Red jasper can be an interesting tool to remember our dreams. This crystal can additionally help to release any feeling of guilt. It brings positivity and optimism. Red Jasper is linked to the root chakra, the Zodiac signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio. It's also the birthstone of Aries. Its elements are Fire and Earth.

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that gemstones are truly unique: the crystal you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).
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